An aquarelle study of a sunny room, Sofia Efremenko

In this article I want to share with you my methodology when it comes down to maintaining that artistic fire, that everyone praises and aspires to. Because, let’s be honest, inspiration, will to create and creativity in general, are mediums that have a certain fluidity to them, and sometimes they don’t spread evenly over the surface of our lives. Artists, whether total beginners or high level professionals, all face the issue of lack of power to create at some point along their career.

Over the years of my practice I probably had hundreds of conversations on this topic, and, frankly…

Traditional artists, like myself, have to agree that in today’s day and age being present online is inseparable from calling yourself an artist. It’s the reason this blog was created.

When I started out on my path to becoming a professional painter at about 10 years old, it never occurred to me how artists are meant to promote themselves and eventually become famous.

I imagined something similar to the scenes described in art history books, with grand salons presenting desirable pieces and galleries magically finding your talent as a diamond among the ruff.

Little did I know, that being an…

Sofia Efremenko

I am an artist starting out on my career path. Join me on the journey to becoming a recognised painter and learn together with me!

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